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LEA16 by Searby

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 Build by: Dave Searby MasonMusic by:  Morlita Quan Date: Friday 10 October at 2pm SLtimeLocation:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA16/231/242/22
I am grateful to the LEA for letting me have a SIM - at LEA16, August to Dec 2014
There are 3 works at LEA16
All are best seen with the Sun set to 'Sunset' but 'Midnight' also works too
Please wear HEADPHONES, enable sounds and adjust the volume as high as comfortable.  'Sound Spheres' and 'Seahorses' are designed for you to walk through the objects there and experience the sounds
at Sea Level the landscape is designed to just walk around and relax into what I hope is a peaceful place. I am keen on SL landscapes that are surreal or magical; offering what cannot be seen in RL.    The welcome area here is also the launch place for the other two places
this place is designed specifically to experience the sounds triggered as you walk through them.  Please wear headphones and walk through each sphere.  Sometimes the sounds are pleasant and sometimes discordant but many will overlap as you walk through them.  It is possible for you to walk forwards and then backwards to experience the overlapping sounds.  Some of the sounds are samples from music, some are from music made by me, some are just sounds of the world
is also designed to walk through like the spheres but here the visual aim is different.  I wanted to create a ghostly feel to add another dimension to the sounds
I am inspired by cellular creatures, deep sea creatures, jellyfish and the mystery of mandalas  My other efforts can be seen in these places

short filmshttps://vimeo.com/searby
still imageshttp://davesearbymasonpaints.tumblr.com/archive
music madehttps://soundcloud.com/searby
the search for the second truthhttp://thesearchforthesecondtruth.com***************************************************************I am very grateful and have been influenced by
Fuschia NightfireBetty TureaudSoror NishiFreeWee LingClaudia 222Jo EllsmereMenubar MemorialAstin MilesPetitfleurAlphaAuerUltraviolet . . . . . and many others

The Mars / Venus Show LEA Theater 09-29-2014

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2 events one Location LEA Theater in Second Life
EVENT 1 Poster by Kinte Trill
Mars/Venus Moral Dilemmas 2 6pm pst / 9pm est

Live Radio tapping where we will be talking about what do in different Moral Dilemma situations.
EVENT 2 Titles by Darth Angelus
Set in the year 2340, The Chronicles of Humanity follows Katherine McDonald, A journalist and the only person to survive the destruction of a mining colony. Convinced the government is behind the disaster, she embarks on a mission to uncover the conspiracy.
Chronicles of Humanity Season 3 Episodes 1 - 3
8pm pst / 11pm est
Live broadcast showing of the first 3 episodes of season 3 of Chronicles of Humanit
LEA Theater http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA4/41/215/21 

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (Sept-Oct 2014): Eliza Cabassoun's "Follow Your Soul"

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  Continuing with the previous month in bringing out new talents in the virtual art world, Eliza Cabbasoun takes the lead for an unusual double month Sept - Oct round of the 4th cycle of the LEA Full SIM Art series at LEA 6. A full list of the LEA Full SIM offering since inception in 2011 can be found HERE.  Anyone interested in applying for either Dec 2014 or Jan 2015, please contact Jayjay Zifanwe with your interest and preferred month.
In Eliza's words:
"Everyone has a place where they found their soul.  This is where I found mine.  I found mine in a cabin by a lake where the fog rises in the morning into the mountains like a warm blanket.  I began writing novels here and taking photos here.  Nature can bring forth great inspiration, simply from towering trees or just the midnight sounds of tree frogs and rain hitting a tin roof.   Wander around the sim and you'll find photography not only from RL but from SL as well.  I've also placed several of my tortured prim sculptures among the trees.  This lake is where I followed my soul to realize I have two gifts--writing and photography--and a part of my soul will always be here."

Black Elk, Opens Wednsday, September 17th LEA 1

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Photo by Livio Korobase
Heȟáka Sápa (Black Elk) (December 1863 – August 19, 1950) was a famous wičháša wakȟáŋ (medicine man and holy man) of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux). He was Heyoka and a second cousin of Crazy Horse.
 Photo by Livio Korobase
Black Elk was a Sioux medicine man that had great visions.
When Black Elk was nine years old, he was suddenly taken ill and left prone and unresponsive for several days. During this time he had a great vision in which he was visited by the Thunder Beings (Wakinyan), and taken to the Grandfathers — spiritual representatives of the six sacred directions: west, east, north, south, above, and below. These "...spirits were represented as kind and loving, full of years and wisdom, like revered human ?
In this times of war, his words still are wise and inspiring.

Read more at:



LEA1 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA1/146/105/20

“Virtually News with AvaJean Westland” Premieres @ LEA Theater

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Photo by AvaJean Westland

Virtually News with AvaJean Westland
Virtually News with AvaJean Westland” is a mock/spoof news piece machinima created by actress/writer Gameela Wright. Filmed exclusively in Second Life, in the vein of SNL’s “Weekend Update” and “The Onion News Network,” AvaJean’s irreverent take on current events and pop culture pushes the boundaries while using animation as the filter.
“Virtually News with AvaJean Westland” will premiere on YouTube, Vimeo and SLartist Saturday, September 13th 2014. For those of you in Second Life, please join AvaJean  along with the talented voice actors and avatar puppeteers who brought this “News Piece” to life at the in-world premiere!
When: Saturday,  September 13th 2014 at 2:00pm SLTWhere: Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) TheaterSLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA4/45/214/2

Gameela Wright (pronounced “Guh-MEAL-uh”) is an actress and writer based out of New York. She began acting in theater, then moved into commercials, voice overs, television and film. Some of her on-camera credits include:(TV) Blue Bloods, The 3 Law & Order series, The Blacklist, Members Only (new series)(Film) Admission, John Wick, Shelter(Commercials) Staples, FedEx, Ally Bank, GoDaddy.com
As her Second Life alter ego AvaJean Westland, she performs live theater with the Avatar Repertory Theater Company (ART).  She has worked as a voice actor or avatar puppeteer for The Blackened Mirror, Running Lady Productions, Chantal Harvey, Island Rain Studios, and Alfonso Kohn.
She created her own production umbrella, Virtual Girl Productions and has collaborated with Suzy Yue of Running Lady Studios on machinima projects such as “The Twilight Sim”and “Name That Schmuck!”
In addition, she created machinima for the Project Homeless campaign (“The Quiet Dark Wind”) and SciFi Film Festival (“Centuries Past”) in conjunction with Screen My Shorts and The University of Western Australia (UWA). “Centuries Past” took home two awards.
It is her hope to use machinima as a way to bridge real and second life and to help cement machinima as a form of animation that appeals to all.
Virtual Girl Productions
www.facebook.com/pages/The-Adventures-of-Virtual-Girl-AvaJean-Westland  www.gameelawright.com
@GameelaWright gameela@gameelawright.com

Welcome to M*A*S*H 4077 - Opens September 1, 2014

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This would not have been possible if not for the LEA and I am SO grateful for the opportunity to create yet another world so that visitors can bring it to life.

Photo by Tahiti Rae
In a time of great conflict on this planet, I wanted to recreate MASH because I think it's important that we remember how war separates us, and yet also how it brings us together.  I am humbled and honored to bring back the full gamut of emotion that the writers and actors burned into our memories with this television series.  We use the past as part of our foundation for the future.

This Mobile Army & Surgical Hospital is set on the front lines in the Korean war, which lasted from June 25, 1950 to July 1953.  Five million soldiers and civilians lost their lives.  The actors' irreplaceable skills reminded us that in the midst of the saddest cry, we need a really, really good laugh.  And right in the midst of our belly-straining, hardiest laugh, we need a good cry.  And those who seem the strongest and help everyone get through tragedy, then walk off and privately suffer their own.

The good that comes from war is the thriving people and freedom which was defended with so much sacrifice.  One real veteran said that he would do it all again after seeing the South Koreans thriving in their culture today.
Photo by Tahiti Rae
You will land in a welcome house in the sky where you can read a short note about the sim and some facts about the show if you like, or leave your thoughts in the MASH guest book.  From there,  you can teleport to MASH and land where the patients come in. Clipboards are the patient's charts, and are placed all over the sim.  Each has something important to say if you click on them.  The ones in the post-op ward contain stories from real veterans.  If you explore the sim close enough, you will find a teleport to the end of the story, where again, the clipboards will have something special for you.

The art of making a whole world on one sim, so I am taught, is to not only bring forth emotion, and memories, but to teach. The most joy I receive from building these worlds is hearing back how you feel, and to feel the tickle of your feet inside my imagination.  I wish to thank the LEA and a few very special people who endured putting up with me and invaluably helping me with MASH.  They made me laugh so hard, I cried.  Enjoy!
A very authentic and detailed build in deed, Lap
Opens September 1, 2014
LEA 2, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA2/123/105/3601