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Lemonodo Oh on LEA24

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Photo by Schickzal
Vanessa has a project about walking and somehow because of her interest in that, I came up with defining a three-dimensional study area of a coastal region in maps and translated it to 64 sq m meshes and flat prims as appropriate. There are numerous borderlines associated with the project, which came out to be less conceptual than my original vision to accommodate walking, but in the end, the concept hasn't suffered much.

Mistero Hifeng at LEA 29 - Now Open

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"Taking a picture is like portraying a part of my inner self, I do this in my real life and in Second Life too, trying to capture moments that give me a thrill, hoping that everyone watching my works will feel the same emotions.
My photos are almost always traveling in parallel with my state of mind; I may want flowers and fantastic colours, as well as a simple point in the blue if at that moment it means a lot more than a full rainbow. "                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mistero Hifeng

Music is his best moving force and often the inspiration comes from the words or the music of a song, the atmosphere of which Mistero tries to represent through surrealist and evocative images.
For some time, thanks to the innovation of mesh, Mistero Hifeng has been using this technique to make two- and three-dimensional works inside Second Life.
They often are the 3D version of the digital images, and in both forms there are symbols and suggestions of a illusive and dreamlike world, but incredibly close to the deepest chords of the human soul.
                                              You can see the Mistero Hifeng works:              ★ Facebook             https://www.facebook.com/camminoevivocapovolto              ★  Flickr            https://www.flickr.com/photos/incognitadelmistero/                    ★ in Second Life            http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dalsgaard/64/84/21                                              =====================================================
“Scattare una foto è come dipingere una parte del mio “Io”, sia in real life che in Second Life, cercando di immortalare attimi che mi regalino un’emozione, sperando che venga trasmessa a chiunque si soffermi a guardare i miei lavori.
"Le mie foto viaggiano in parallelo con il mio stato d’animo. Posso avere voglia di fiori e colori fantastici, come desiderare un punto fisso nel blu, che in quell’attimo può significare molto di più di un arcobaleno.”                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mistero Hifeng

La musica è la sua principale forza motrice, e spesso l'ispirazione proviene dal testo o dalla musica di una canzone, la cui atmosfera Mistero cerca di rappresentare attraverso immagini surreali ed evocative.
Da qualche tempo, grazie all'introduzione delle mesh, Mistero Hifeng utilizza questa tecnica per realizzare immagini bi- e tridimensionali all'interno di Second Life.
Spesso sono la versione 3D delle immagini digitali, e in ambedue le forme si ritrovano simboli e suggestioni di un mondo irreale, onirico, ma incredibilmente vicino alle corde più profonde dell'anima umana.
  Potete vedere le opere di Mistero Hifeng:
 ★ Facebook             https://www.facebook.com/camminoevivocapovolto              ★ Flickr            https://www.flickr.com/photos/incognitadelmistero/                    ★ in Second Life            http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dalsgaard/64/84/21    
Taxi to LEA 29:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA29/175/115/22      

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (Jan 2015): Vilvi Rae's 'Lives of the Monster Dogs'

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 Vilvi Rae, one of the foremost machinimatographers in SL hailing from Jyvaskylla, Finland is at the helm of January 2015 round of the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES at LEA 6. Vilvi will bring a unique perspective showcasing some of the best of the 'furry' community of Second Life! A full list of the LEA Full SIM offering since inception in 2011 can be found HERE.  This final round of the LEA Full Sim series runs through March 2015, where Rebeca Bashly, will bring the circle to a close. 
In Vilvi's words:  Cute.Weird.Devious.Misunderstood. "Furries" have been part of Second Life right from the beginning. This colourful fandom of anthropomorphic animal characters reaches beyond virtual worlds, including large and varying creative talent. "Lives of the Monster Dogs" (name borrowed from Kirsten Bakis' enchanting novel) is an exhibition presenting that creativity, an attempt to give a glimpse of the furry community, showcasing some of the hidden talent it holds in its paws and claws.
"Lives of the Monster Dogs" - January 15th-31st 2015 - Linden Endowment for the Arts - LEA6 - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/49/109/23

The Success of The Euphoria Group on LEA12

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Round 7 of the Artist in Residence Grants end tonight. It seems a fitting time to highlight just one of the successes.
While I know those involved have thanked the LEA committee themselves, as one who is involved peripherally in dance performance, as well as LEA, I would like to thank the Committee for “taking a chance” on Babypea VonPhoenix Bikergrrl’s grant application for a sim. I don’t know if anything similar has taken place on the LEA grant sims previously, so perhaps they were not taking a chance after all! But this group made full use of the opportunity given to them by the Committee!
Not only did the Euphoria group create two very different but amazing sim wide builds during their tenure there, but they filled the sim to capacity on every occasion for their numerous events held there during the months of October, November and December.
The SuperMetropolis Train - photo by BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl
The urban cityscape which hosted the SuperMetropolis show for 5 performances in October was designed and built by one of the very talented dancers in the group, Chrissy Rhiano. The audience travelled the sim in a specially designed train which stopped at various points where each of the dancers performed using a set they had built.
BabypeavonPhoenix Bikergrrl’s Silver Surfer set at SuperMetropolis - photo by BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl
During one weekend in November the Dance Galaxy Festival was held with 14 different dance troupes performing, as well as the debut “recital” from students of Babypea’s Dawn of Dance classes.
Ronda Saunders danced her first solo performance at Dawn of Dance - photo by Ronda Saunders
For the Christmas ExtravaDanza performances in December the sim was designed and built by Restlesssoul Blackheart. This time the audience travelled by sleigh around the sim to the different dance performance sets.
LEA12 decorated for the Christmas !* ExtravaDanza*! - photo by BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl
Dance performance in Second Life is a truly artistic venture, with many talented people in that field. Not only does their love of music, and their skill at choreographing dance routines, shine through in their performances, but the beauty of their sets as well as their creative use of particles and special effects is truly amazing. 
SL scripters, particle makers, special lighting and dance animation creators are all heavily involved in making the tools to improve dance performance within the limits of SL, and it has come a long way in the last few years.
Setsuna Hirano danced in a globe set for the Christmas !*Extravadanza*! - photo by ToySoldier Thor
I hope many new people were introduced to this form of art by Euphoria's presence at LEA12. In addition, many people from the dance community heard about LEA for the first time and hopefully they will explore the other sims too and learn more about the different forms of art in the LEA world. 
Over and over I heard Babypea explain how the LEA program worked to people who asked but had never heard of it. I think two very different groups of people benefited greatly by the Committee’s granting of LEA12 to BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikerrgirl and the Euphoria group.
Babypea danced to Oiche Chiun (Silent Night) by Enya - photo by Gunner VonPhoenix
Fortunately for everyone’s enjoyment Gunner VonPhoenix videoed his wife’s performance and posted it on YouTube.

JMB (Jo) Balogh

Advisor to the LEA Committee

LEA Announces Round 8 AiRs!

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Uan Ceriaptrix - Round 7 - LEA14*****************************************************************************
  The LEA is pleased to announce the eighth round of Artists-in-Residence, who will receive a full sim    for six months on which to create and display their proposed projects:

  Mario2 Helstein                                   Whiskey Monday                                                                     Searby                                                  Misprint Thursday                               Haveit Neox                             Lorin Tone                               FreeWee Ling                                      Solkide Auer                            Mistero Hifeng                                    Art Blue                                                Giovanna Cerise                                  frankx lefavre                                      NaTaS Janus                            Sniper Siemens                                    Asmita Duranjaya, Sable (snakeappletree)   Lemonodo Oh                                      mediciprincess                                      Gracie Kendal                                      Krystali Rabeni                                    Mary Wickentower                          
The LEA received 40+ high-quality applications, and it was a difficult decision, but those selected submitted outstanding proposals that represent a diverse range of virtual art. While a handful are artists returning for a second round, the majority will be exhibiting at the LEA for the first time. Projects range from full-sim immersions, to innovative builds geared specifically for multimedia works such as sound and machinima projects.

Artists will have up to four months to build their projects (though many have suggested they will be completed sooner), with all exhibits set to be open by end of April. Many will likely open sooner, though, so keep an eye on this blog for announcements of exhibit openings and related special events.

The previous seven rounds of LEA Land Grant Artists-in-Residence have resulted in some truly exceptional works, and we anticipate this next group to be just as fantastic. Congratulations to all the artists, we can’t wait to see your vision!

Qualia - The Sentience of Being

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This sim  art installation is based on the idea of  Frank Jacksons  philosphical thought experiment he called Mary's room.

These are his words

"Mary is a brilliant scientist who is, for whatever reason, forced to investigate the world from a black and white room via a black and white television monitor. She specializes in the neurophysiology of vision and acquires, let us suppose, all the physical information there is to obtain about what goes on when we see ripe tomatoes, or the sky, and use terms like ‘red’, ‘blue’, and so on. She discovers, for example, just which wavelength combinations from the sky stimulate the retina, and exactly how this produces via the central nervous system the contraction of the vocal cords and expulsion of air from the lungs that results in the uttering of the sentence ‘The sky is blue’. [...] What will happen when Mary is released from her black and white room or is given a color television monitor? Will she learn anything or not?"

You are  now standing in Mary's room.

Outside, which is reachable by walking towards any of the 4 outerwalls which will  open and close as you approach and then  pass through them, you will find 4 walkways suspended  in space.

They lead to a 4 black cubes, each of which appears empty until you get close and enter them at which time their interiors  will come  into view.

Linking each of the cubes are more walkways accessible by glass paths and stairs which lead up into them and along their interiors.

Occasionally an asteroid and comets will pass through the space.  Other  creations  climb the outer walls amongst  the stars and constellations.

 There is no windlight set for the sim but my  suggestion is midnight and a draw distance of at least 700 

I hope you enjoy this sim of mine and id also  like to thank the Lea Council for their kindness in granting me this sim .

Frankx Lefavre  

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA18/125/130/62

Machinima Expo 7 Livestream @ LEA Theatre

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Rebirth ... together! by 2Lei (moderate)
Today is the day for the huge Machinima Expo - the World's only Virtual Machinima/Animation Festival. This is its 7th year and it will be streamed live inworld from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm SLT at the LEA Theatre.
The full schedule is here and you should note that Second Life is well represented (including a profile of our own Hypatia Pickens at 1:45).

I hope to see you there!

Note: you have one more week to submit your application for the next round of Artist in Residence Grants. You could have your own sim, for 6 months, to realize that vision in your head and share it with the rest of us.

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (Nov-Dec 2014): 2Lei & Lorys Lane's 'Rebirth...Together'

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 Lorys Lane & the remarkable 2Lei in Second Life initiative are at the helm of Nov-Dec 2014 round of the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES at LEA 6. A full list of the LEA Full SIM offering since inception in 2011 can be found HERE.  At present this longest running LEA initiative is slated to draw to a close in February 2015.  
In Lorys Lane's words:

2Lei in Second Life is a collaborative project between some groups in Second Life, which began in 2010 with the aim to raise awareness and disseminate events related to the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women".  
Virtual artists, gallery owners, musicians and the cultural figures of Second Life are invited to share the common message of solidarity to the women via their particular Art. For the fifth year in a row, a committee of volunteers has chosen to devote time, energy and ideas together to realize projects and activities to say "No violence against women in the world."
 2Lei will go beyond the canonical virtual boundaries of recent years, through a number of projects already in the works, and through you. Beyond the frontiers of Second Life, 2Lei seeks to become like a spider's web that is woven slowly, but which becomes indestructible, rooted at every point. On June 2014 "2Lei in Second Life" committee took part in SLB11 celebration with the installations "Revise the next": 3 photos by Paola Mills, and a mesh sculpture composed by Moore Tone, with creative contributions of all members; this is why the mesh was load by 2Lei Resident, the official avatar of the committee. 
The central figure, symbol of uniformity contemporary, evolves into a future dominated by the differences that co-exist and work together, generating positive feelings.
Respect, trust and equality - our empire of the mind - are the focus of the installation, but rather than expect them, we would try to get them, educating and training the future. The intent of the 2Lei initiatives was always to create, day after day, a new brick to build a world fit for individual without distinction, nor prevarication, but based on positive feelings. 2Lei 2014: Rebirth... together!This year’s theme is "Rebirth… together!". We cannot just denounce: we must dare to hope, to dream, to act, to make the dream come true and springboard for new dreams. Dreams in which men and women cooperate together to build a more just, more healthy society, in which violence does not represent the instrument upon which to convey anger, frustration, fear, and aggression.We wish every woman’s heart beat be as strong as the drum of life. No woman will be forgotten or left behind. The "Rebirth" marks the passage of the works of artists who are exhibiting in these spaces, and the performers who will take turns on stage. The program is rich and detailed, and offers many insights. Now we want to talk about "rebirth". A rebirth towards a world where people can live, breathe, and dream without the fear of having to defend themselves. We are reborn together in front of each painting, opera, photograph, theater or musical show that a fragment of this kaleidoscope of images, desires, dreams, passions, and every project of rebirth involves. Primarily this involves the denunciation of what is evil, of what is burning, what clip wings, and cuts short lives. Then, after the denunciation, comes the dream: the work, the strength to believe it, and to make it happen together. "TOGETHER" is the keyword of a true renaissance. And we will be the first to give testimony. Men and women who, together, believe in this project and have put in place. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. 


***2Lei 2014 EVENTS CALENDAR***
2Lei 2014 Events Calendar(SL time)
>>>>> 20/11 - Thursday
1.30 PM  SLt  Opening 2Lei 2014 edition
2.00 PM  SLt  "Women in rebirth" - MBI (Master Builders Italy, Rubin Mayo) presents:- Art exhibition by various artists- Reading and testimonies of womens- Music by Andromeda Slade
>>>>>  21/11 - Friday
1.30 PM  SLt "RELIVE" - Art exhibition by various artists (Duna Gant)- Music by Morlita Quan and Ultraviolet Alter
2.30 PM  SLt  Tour of the artworks that artists and photographers have created for this edition of 2Lei
 >>>>> 22/11 - Saturday
1.30 PM  SLt SoloDonna Event (Sniper Siemens - Elettra Beardmore)
2.45 PM  SLt  Music by Andromeda Slade
>>>>>  23/11 - Sunday
1.30 PM  SLt  Live concert by Musicante Malandrino with a great Surprise Guest :)
>>>>>  24/11 - Monday
1.30 PM  SLt  L'Arme d'Amour (Viola Tatham, Andromeda Slade) presents “I loved her more than her life” (One-act play written by Cristina Comencini)
2.00 PM  SLt Debate about violence problems (with Rosanna Tafanelli, Francesco Bonetto, Lapsus Weinstein and Alejandra Balhaus)
>>>>> 25/11 - Tuesday
1.00 PM SLt  Reading and music by Libriamo Tutti - Imparafacile (Imparafacile group)
2.00 PM  SLt  I.L.A. Idee Libere Alternative (Francy Lytton, MarinellaMonti) presents:- Reading of "Women in rebirth" di J. Folla edited by Margherita Hax- Live concert of Trinity Ermingtrood- Exposure of poems by Cordediseta Rosea
3.30 PM  SLt  Conclusion of this fifth edition with closing credits
>>>>> 30/11 - Sunday
11 AM SLt STAND! SL Fashion World Stand with 2Lei (by Mila Tatham, Aliza Karu, Bodza Blackadder, Absinthe Montenegro)
1.30 PM SLt  Particle Show by Tansee Resident and music by Andromeda Slade
2.30 PM  SLt  Break all... together!

"Forgive Me" at LEA22 and Mount San Jacinto College

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What happens when we ask for forgiveness?

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “Forgive Me”.  How does that feel?  Can you do it seriously or is it too uncomfortable? Can you now post it on social media or in an art exhibit?

New York artist Stephen Beveridge has created a series of portraits of people holding the sign “Forgive Me”.  In an exhibition with his abstract paintings at the Mount San Jacinto College Art Gallery November 14th through December 12th, we will all have an opportunity to see how we are reflected in the art.

Stephen says, “The act of holding the Forgive me sign can lead to a posture of resignation. The space created by that posture is where grace goes. Witnessing that action, whether in the moment or recorded as a photograph, can reflect that grace in ourselves. The Forgive me photographs channel the power to initiate a moment of release in the viewer. All art created in that state of release has the ability to reflect the same state in the observer. For some of us we need a recognizable image others require abstraction.”

This exhibit promises to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience that state of grace art can provide. Stephen has invited anyone brave enough to take a picture of themselves holding a hand made “Forgive Me” sign and post it to social media with the word #forgiveme or send it by email to him directly at mail@artgrows.com for inclusion in the show.

Mount San Jacinto College Art Gallery
1499 N. State St. San Jacinto, CA 92583
November 14th - December 12th 2014
Reception November 14th 4-7pm
Gallery Hours Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm


Opening Today: CHAOS, KOSMOS

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The Chaos, in the primitive sense of the Greek term, is the immensity not measurable and unlimited of the primitive space ( and so the blend and the disorder and the fortuity) in which the kosmos originates, that is the beautiful, good and rational order of the world, which always comes from a messy background. The Chaos is not definitely passed by the construction of an intelligible world and of the shapes, but it still continues to be as the foundation on which also the Kosmos stand.
It could be understood as a creative act of the artist who derives a sense and a aesthetic and meaningful order from the formless matter. This vision of the Greek cosmogony goes straight up to our ages, in which the view of an universe regulated by the relativity alongside the quantum mechanic gives us an universe regulated by the fortuity of the events.

The algorithm, as a mathematic language of what is calculable, could be considered one of the current expressions of this opposite coexistence

.The recommended setting is Sunset or Midnight, to appreciate the nuances of the installation.
Come to visit, i hope to see you there :)

Giovanna Cerise presents "CHAOS, KOSMOS", supported by the Linden Endowment for the Arts.

Opening Thursday , 13th  November 2014 at 1.30 pm SLT.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA21/119/239/26

Round 8 Applications are Open!

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The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)
Today's images were taken on LEA25 as I floated around Noke Yuitza's installation The Sea of Cubic Dreams. You can control these cubes and have them move through the landscape - just sit on one and control it with your cursor.
It's a dream landscape and you become part of it.
The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)
Noke's exhibit is just one of the current round of Artist in Residence grants which end on December 31. The next round of 6 month grants will begin on January 1 and the time is now to submit your applications. You have until November 30; it's not difficult, and it's not even painful!
The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)
If you're confused about the three types available, check out the post on Navigating the Maze of LEA Grants. The only change is that we're now into Round 8. :)
I can give you a few tips. Think about the questions and your answers (try not to confuse us), and provide as much information as possible (brevity can be easily misunderstood). Think about why you want a full sim - honestly, if you're planning to do something which only requires a small parcel, apply for a core grant instead.
The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)
One last thing - think about what you're offering the audience in terms of the capabilities of art in a virtual world. Don't get hung up on this, just remember people will be visiting your build over an extended period and it should be something they can experience/enjoy.
You won't be expected to have a full installation on Day 1 - artists are given months before they must have an "official" opening.
I look forward to seeing your work!
The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)

The Photohunt @ LEA Begins Today!!

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Black Elk by Livio Korobase on LEA1 (moderate)
Beginning today at 6:00 pm SLT,  on the First and Third Thursday every month (except for holidays), the Virtual Artist Alliance will be hosting their popular Photohunt on LEA3.

If you can't make it today - or forget which day it's supposed to be in the future - use the button at the top of the page to click through to our Calendar. The information is there. :)

PhotoHunt @ LEA is a game in which participants must shoot their best Second Life snapshot that embodies a theme or landmark provided by a moderator within a time limit of 60 minutes. No outside manipulations are allowed.

Spectators are welcome, and everyone is invited to vote for the winners of each match!

Linden prizes based on donations.

IM PatriciaAnne Daviau or Dave Koi for any inquiries.

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)

1.) The moderator of the game picks a theme for the current Photohunt match- this will be distributed in a notecard, and will either be a theme of the moderator's choosing, or a landmark where the images MUST be taken.

2.) You will have EXACTLY 60 minutes to take the best photo you're capable of that fits into that match's theme.

3.) No outside manipulations are allowed.

4.) Participants and spectators are allowed to vote for the winning snapshots.

All images will be archived by the Photohunt moderators. Winners and any other prominent works will be displayed in the Photohunt gallery for public viewing.

Please consider donating to to Photohunt tip jar. Proceeds will be used towards match prizes. Thank you!

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)



Translation: By submitting your works in the Photohunt contest, you're giving us permission to:

a.) Display them in the Second Life Photohunt Gallery

b.) Archive the images for public viewing on our website and

c.) Publish your images without compensation to our yearly Photohunt anthology books.

Since this is a non-exclusive agreement, and because you keep the copyrights to your work, you may put them in other galleries and publish them in elsewhere, if you feel so inclined.

** Please ensure all submitted pictures are set to full permissions. All textures without full permissions may be deleted by host discretion. **

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate) FAQ

Q: Is Windlight [Environment Settings] a prerequisite to play? It's too much for my computer to handle!

A: Windlight is NOT required to play PhotoHunt.

Q: What is the aspect ratio of a typical Second Life snapshot?

A: 4:3 or 1024x768 pixels or a multiple thereof.

Q: If I take a snapshot outside of the typical aspect ratio, will you stretch my entry panel to make my entry proportionate?

A: No. In order to make the contests run smoothly, we ask that you please make your snapshots fit within the 4:3 ratio, or accept any stretching that may occur otherwise. In other words, if you take a smaller photo it might appear odd on our photo boards, however you can submit any size and it will be shrunk to fit our boards.

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)

Sowa Mai on LEA22 (2)

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Sowa Mai writes:

Why is no one watching?

Tower of Love explores and illustrates the creative source, it’s importance and effects.

On arrival the crowd sounds inform you that people are talking about this. The sheep spout artspeak and even include you in their conversation.  The lake has artwork floating, sinking in to the white light and emerging to rise in to view temporarily. The one constant anointed offering lies  atop the tower.  The tower has no door, no stairs, no apparent means to climb to the top where we can see heavenly light illuminating the chosen artwork.  The artwork itself is gilded with gold and scaled up for impact.  It is a symbol of fecund creation highlighted by holy light for the world to see.

When I was a wee boy I was praised for using the big toilet. Since then I have been making shit and looking for praise.

If I win the prize does it mean you love me? If you say nice things about me am I accepted? I spend a lifetime doing my homework neatly and cataloging your rules in order to get an attaboy from someone whose idea of an achievement is neat homework or work which followed all the rules.

Meanwhile the art comes and goes.  It rises in to view from someplace deep within and recedes just as quickly.  It keeps happening cause I keep trying, despite the confusion, frustration, hurt feelings, and despair over never having “made it”.

This looking for love in all the wrong places keeps me from looking where it is. In the still small voice. In the quiet giving posture. In asking what can I provide rather than what can I get. It is in the giving that I receive and that hasn't changed in a long long time.

Sowa Mai     http://arsactual.com      http://artgrows.com
Tower of Love
Linden Endowment for Arts
October 10th - December 25th 2014

Betty Tureaud/Mandel Solano Collaboration

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You are invited to "Venus Adored Particle Show"<- inspired by songs ->
Dj Sunshine ( szavanna )
in LEA23 and LEA24  November 14 2 PM SLT
Duration is one hour
Grandstands LM  or  
Yes it's 2 SIM show, 60 visitors each, we encourage everyone to wear no scripts to lower the lag.
Welcome to this showBetty Tureaud and Mandel Solano
For those who want it, there will be a party with DJ music after the show.

Dance Queens "Dance Galaxy" Festival - Nov 15 + 16, 2014

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This Showcase Festival is an opportunity for the Second Life dance community to come together in one place at one time and share their vision with their peers.  It is a chance for us all to see each other's work, meet new people, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends.  It is a celebration of creativity. We also welcome people new to the Second Life performance art scene, and hope you will delight in this celebration of human imagination.  Come see what is possible in Second Life!!


The Schedule:

Saturday, November 15th:
1pm - The Night Theater
2pm - Fusion Dance Crew
3pm - The Dawn of Dance
4pm - Second Life Dance Domain
5pm - La Oro
6pm - Elysium
7pm - MaHal
8pm - A&M MOCAP Maniacs

Sunday, November 16th:
1pm - Flowers of the Desert
2pm - Pink Lady Dancers
3pm - D-Team Dance Ensemble
4pm - Blue Velvet
5pm - Ballet Pixelle
6pm - Dance Xcetera
7pm - Star Dancers
8pm - Euphoria

We hope to see you there!

LEA 19 Opening Today!

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LEA 19 will be celebrating its opening. The 3 artists Moewe Winkler, ChapTer Kronfeld & FirleFanz Roxley were so busy to dig for words in their huge open-cast mining. Now they have found out what is the deeper meaning of words. See the big piano playing to the miners rhythm ´while searching for treasures. Watch the robots sorting out old-fashioned words. And have a closer look to the talking fishies.

Opening Saturday, October 25th!

12 PM  SLT: Reading with. Kueperpunk Korhonen, Zauselina Rieko,ChapTer Kronfeld and Moewe Winkler (held in German).

1   PM SLT: Grand Opening feat. Eletronic Composer DD

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA19/170/197/24

Euphoria presents: THE SUPERMETROPOLIS!! @ LEA12

LEA Blogspot 'Blog -

LOCATION: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA12/50/207/22

Euphoria presents: THE SUPERMETROPOLIS!!
Don't miss one of the hottest, most amazing shows ever performed in SL!!  Some of SL's best and most talented dancers come together to bring you this amazing show featuring some of the worlds' coolest, bravest and well, just most badass superheroes on one amazing sim-wide stage!! 

You will board the Supermetropolis Train and arrive just in time to witness justice being served to a dark villain!!  Or perhaps, you'll watch in shocked amazement as the villain gets the best of the superhero!!  NO!!  Say it isn't so!!!  You'll have to see for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen!! 

Will your fave Superhero show up to save the day?  No telling!!  As there will be different Superheros coming to the rescue in different shows!!

Showtimes and Dates below!!  Holy Superhero Show Batman!!
Seating is limited so don't be late!!

Saturday October 18th     
3pm SLT - Sneak Peek
5pm SLT

Wednesday, October 22nd
5pm SLT

Saturday, October 25th
3pm SLT
5pm SLT

We'll see YOU there!!!