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On January 18, at 1 pm SLT, avatars will be orbiting the space around the Paper Observatory at the LEA21 sim. Will you be one of them? I am planning to film, no lag willing! If you would like to fly among the stars, please dress as a star, satellite, or sun, however you imagine them to be.

WHEN: Saturday, January 18, at 1 PM SLT.

WHERE: The Lea21 sim :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA21/184/113/51

WHY: Because you are a star.

HOW: Come as you are, or in your celestial trappings.

WHAT: This is an installation I built called PAPER OBSERVATORY, on view during the month of January 2014. I decided to make a film about it. The lower levels of the build show people performing rituals, from a time when superstition defined the world: disease was the work of demons and the world was flat. Floating above this, is the Observatory which issued a new era of discovery: questioning by evidence.

Please join in!

Haveit Neox

APOLOGY: As I'll be filming parts of the event, I close my IM windows so they do not block the screen. So, if you speak to me and I don't respond, it is because my windows are closed. I'll read the messages after filming and get back to people. Thanks for your understanding :)

Please check accalpha.blogspot.com for information and updates on my latest projects.

Here are a couple of my recent films:

1. “LAST GREEN” (Narrated science fiction story)  http://vimeo.com/80424035

2. “Helmetless” (experimental film)  http://vimeo.com/80929621

P.S.   I am also considering creating a tear-down event on January 31, where the build collapses. Please check my blog listed above to check for developments. Thanks!

KG Shine Productions brings 2 more shows to LEA2

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Kit Guardian forwarded the following news about upcoming shows at her theatre on LEA2. Kit says,”

This week at KG Shine Productions we will be celebrating the talents of two of my favorite performers who performed in past productions, Caliban Jigsaw and Mommaluv Skytower. They will be bringing their own shows to the stage.

On Wednesday the 15th of January 2014 at 2 PM, KG Shine Productions will be presenting to you the wonderful dynamic Actor, Caliban Jigsaw, who will be presenting his One Man show of the famous Renaissance writer, none other than Shakespeare. Caliban is a gifted performer and will delight you with his variety of presentation in both his ability to bring you a different character in both voice and costume. He always shows an attention to detail which is one reason why I love this actor. He is a true professional. He looks for not only the costume but the animation to express the emotions of his characters which makes for a much more interesting production over “reading” . lag permitting.
I am proud to say Caliban has been with my company since its start in 2009. He performed in both the Wizard of the North Act I and Act II and toured with me in Autumn Moon, An 18th Century Dracula’s Tale in 2011 as the loving father of Princess Grace and the avenger of Dracula. He also participated in my weekly scene and monologue reading workshops and can been seen in numerous machinima films over the years.

Here are just a few monologues he could present on the day:
Claudius’ prayer from Hamlet
Anthony’s funeral speech from Julius Caesar,
Richard III and Glouster from H VI part iii
Richard III
Richard II
Henry V
and possibly Titus Andronicus

Caliban added, “If you have a few more bodies…perhaps a scene from Henry IV part 1 with
Falstaff, Hal, Quckley, and others? “
So come dressed in Medieval clothes, who knows, he may have you join him on stage for an impromptu performance!
I look forward to an afternoon of Shakespeare with Caliban Jigsaw.
Hope you can make it!
Stay tuned for information on Mommaluv Skytower concert for Friday the 17th of January at 2 PM.”

Machinima Lecture: Mr. Bones @ In the Belly of the Wale

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Visit LEA20 to listen to Ole Etzel - aka. Mr. Bones - lecturing about Machinima (What is Machinima? Why is Machinima? How do i make Machinima or pics? What software is useful? What is LEA20 about? What we want YOU to do with it! Sudden inspirations!) and explaining the Machinima and picture project at LEA20.We like YOU to join us making a picture story or a machinima movie. The topic of your work should be "In the Belly of the Whale". More infos and inspirations will be given during the lecture.Send your work to tiroiraspam@gmail.com and join the fun! All artworks entered will be shown on whale.boxfolio.com/ and also at the end of January for a party in SL. Stay in touch for more infos about the event and special rewards!maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA20/26/18/48 then choose "Ole!" in the time machine right in front of you.12pm SLT is California time (PST), for example in Central European Time (CET) it is Saturday, 9pm in the evening!www.worldtimebuddy.com/pst-to-cet-converter
The event is held in voice.

Join us at Saturday, January 11th at 12 PM SLT

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA20/241/58/41

“Me Kikas, you Marma” at LEA2

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COMING this WED at KG Shine Productions LEA Theater on LEA2 at 3PM on the 8th of January, 2014.
“Me Kikas, you Marma” is the latest installment of the show “The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas & Marmaduke” — a series of scenes sampled from an imaginary 3D graphic novel about the wacky trials and tribulations of avatars in Second Life.
The show aims to elicit laughter while exploring the possibilities of Second Life itself as a creative medium, in particular as regards the involvement of the audience, that is encouraged to discuss actively the show as it progresses.
Some opinions and reviews about past presentations of “The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas & Marmaduke” include:
“(…) a 3D cartoon show with RL artists starring as their avatars (…) Marmaduke Arado and Kikas Babenco rock the metaverse with some of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever seen! (…) YOU MUST attend in person to really grok how hilarious this show is…”
any1 Ginoid, from her review at iCNN
I feel I’m looking at bright fragments of a future comic book in 3D, but most pages are misplaced in the time travel back here… — Tomkin Euler comment at our show in Chilbo Faire (July 9 2010)
“The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas and Marmaduke” gives Second Life a humorous and modern day interpretation of this 19th century art form  [tableaux vivants]. No show is ever the same because of the interaction with the audience at each performance.”
from “Tableaux Vivants, Lag & Sim Crashes” in the blog Bock in Second Life
“I had high expectations of last night’s show  [and they] were met by a wide margin. It was a fun hour and I was so fascinated by the decor, the scene, the whole approach — so different and so good. The show consists of 20 scenes and tells the action along, and each scene is displayed in two minutes. Meanwhile, the audience will discuss what happens, and that way it gives additional life to the document.”
from “Fun adventures with The Wearers” in the blog Magasin Millimina (translated from Swedish)
Marmaduke – the bold traveler who unselfishly throws himself fearless into unknown land to keep up the fight against nameless dangers, careless of the consequences he might suffer!
Kikas – the saviour who in every life-threatening situation manages in an incomprehensible way to keep up her dignity, her elegance and the unique freshness of her wardrobe!
— Kandinsky Beaumont, from the notecard for the show at her sim Solace (Oct. 8 2011)

LEA SULL SIM ART SERIES (JAN): Gem Preiz's 'A Cathedral Dreamer'

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The Jan 2014 round of the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES sees Gem Preiz bringing us 'A Cathedral Dreamer'.  A full list of the Series 3 offerings for the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES can be found on the blog: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (click here for full year schedule).

GRAND OPENING: Monday, 6th Jan @ 2 pm SLT

"A Cathedral Dreamer" in the words of  Gem Preiz :

Above all, this project is an opportunity to exhibit my most recent fractal creations.  I hope you will like them and that they will lead you to the imaginary  universes which they enable me to visualize.  I have staged them in environments which aim to give them meaning and to evoke thoughts and concerns which are important to me.  However, I am not a good builder, so I hope you will forgive me for my clumsiness. 
I would like to thank the LEA committee for having granted me this Sim, as well as my friends who have encouraged me throughout this work and, in particular, my friend Keltyana for the help she gave me by decorating the East Wing.  A very special thanks to ArtBlue for the continuation which he intends to give this creation. 
The fractal works exhibited on the Sim will be visible in my new gallery in Timamoon Arts as per the opening datehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Timamoon%20Arts/108/217/3403
The Sim consists of four exhibition halls served by a central square where visitors arrive.  I recommend that you respect the order of visit as set out below.
The central and empty square is a kind of crossroads symbolizing the choices which each of us inevitably has to make about the various attitudes towards Life, the world and other people, and the halls represent my own experience of it.
The East path is invaded step by step by vegetation and leads to Hall 1. The water reigns in it as Life, evoked by a submarine world which auto-generates and in which Mankind is almost absent.  It is the domain of the present and permanency at the same time.  It is also the evocation of the contemplative attitude of Man before Nature. 
The West path, sprinkled with garbage, leads to Hall 2, which looks like an old, abandoned hangar, populated with jailed creatures.  Fractals evoke the frantic human activity through constructions - the immense scale of which is sometimes beyond belief - but which are all doomed to decay, destruction or of being forgotten.  Evocation of the human society which takes, in its whirlwind, the individuals who are the actors and the slaves. 
Between the former two lies the path to the North - to the Dream, ambitions, projects, future: the Dream which brings hope and enthusiasm but also hides the risk of disappointment.  Twenty-four sculptures with a look of resignation line the path on both sides and warn the creator, discourage him and make him doubt, without stopping his journey towards Hall 3.  
There, a fresco representing a fractal cathedral displays its gigantic structure under the eyes of twelve characters who discover the various aspects thereof.  Twelve reactions in front of the crazy project of a creator who will never see his dream materialize. 
Finally, the path to the South, the reality of which fades step by step, as it leads to Hall 4, a hall which I wanted to be made of lights and pure lines - beyond Time, beyond the world and beyond human activity.  A universe of pure concepts which evokes the domain and the activity of the spirit, and which everyone will fill with one's own faith. 
Youtube version with music
There is no music on the Sim but the installation can be found in 4 parts on YouTube, in small musical slides :
Hall 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=AAtorkdhMQ0Hall 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=k2raOvKYVXMHall 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=eNzbyYSFeE0Hall 4 : http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=5VqlQO9H2pM(insist twice if it pretends the video to be unavailable)
The Settings used in the movies are respectively : 
Hall 1 : Places Las LagunasHall 2 : Places Pathfinder Hall 3 : Raymond's Brighter dayHall 4 : Midnight
But you may choose any settings you prefer for the visit of the installation
Enjoy ...

Gem Preiz: Short BioFrench fractal artist exhibiting on SL since september 2012. Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/gem.preiz

Main exhibitions on SL :- Gem's own gallery (sep. 2012) : Universe- Hotel Chelsea (oct. 2012) : Waste- Guild of Lys Noir (oct. 2012) : Science and Future- Aneli's gallery (nov. 2012) : Heaven and Hell- ArtEdLand (nov. 2012) : Planet Artwork (digital creations)- Art Garden (jan. 2013) : A journey through color- Guild of Lys Noir (jan. 2013) : Temples- Timamoon arts (fev. 2013) : Imaginary worlds, followed by Time Whitnesses- Angelwood Bay art center (fev. 2013) : Chromatic retrospective- Somnium gallery (mar. 2013) : Order and Disorder- Gem's own gallery (apr. 2013) : Journey to a fractal space http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=DM9f5GlP8TA
- Two shores art gallery (may. 2013) : Myths- LEA (oct. 2013) : contribution to the Gaia Theory Project- Timamoon arts (oct. 2013) : a simple trip into complexityhttp://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=5kQpkYt1V3o- The Mavin Tinker Gallery (nov. 2013) : Fractal paintings- Angelwood Bay art center (nov 2013) : Cities of dreams


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Doesn't that look boring? Help us making it nice with your artworks!
Secret Rage curates a special event at the Interim Project:

LEA has just begun the Interim Project that will continue until January 31st  when the Round 6 land grants will take place. Along with 15 different artists/art groups that are on 15 of the sims...2 sims are called Flash Mob, which I am curating. It is a sort of spur of the moment immediate art show. This is my request for artworks from those of you who would like to participate in it. To do so~ you may choose either 1 or 2 or your artworks (or a collection) that has a total prim count of no more than 200 prim. Then~ as soon as you send it to me (providing i am online at that moment) your pieces will be added to the collection on display immediately... it will continue to grow for as long as the 30000 prim hold out...so please! Start sending me pieces! Size does not matter for the most part~ so larger pieces are ok~but please not full sim sized pieces! :)  For the times when i am NOT online..it may be best to send it in a box called Flash Mob and include your name. One thing to keep in mind: this is a moderate sim so use your best judgement.
Thankssssss!!! Secret Rage"

Please pass your artworks directly to Secret Rage.

Thank you for participating!

LEA January Project: THE INTERIM

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As announced, the interim between the Land Grants is filled with many action. 15 artist got a land grant for the month of January to realize art projects:

LEA12 Finn Lanzius
LEA13 Mary Wickentower
LEA14 Ferd Frederix
LEA15 Natascha Randt
LEA16 Rysan Fall
LEA17 Corcosman Voom
LEA18 Thea Dee
LEA19 FrankX Lefavre
LEA21 Haveit Neox
LEA22 Fuschia Nightfire
LEA23 Petlove Petshop
LEA24 Emmo Wei
LEA25 Asmita Duranjaya
LEA28 Martini Discovolante
LEA29 FreeWee Ling

Come and explore the progress in the next weeks.
LEA Main Landing spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA3/31/84/21

Photo And Machinima Project at LEA20

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LEA Round 5 has ended and Round 6 will start in February. The January is dedicated to projects and be prepared for much fun, action and interesting events. Be on the lookout for further announcements in this blog.

The builds at LEA20 remained for a photo and machinima project under the guidance of Eupalinos Ugajin and Ole Etzel:

january 2014 at "Moving Islands" 
 [Fred - Philémon, Monsieur Barthélémy sur la baleine galère.]
Inspiration: whale.boxfolio.com/ 
The PlanMr. Bones will sing you the art of Machinima: 11th January 2014, 12PM (Noon) SLT
The MissionExplore "Moving islands" at LEA20. Reflect on the topic "In the belly of the Whale". Reflect harder! Now do us a film, a picture or a photo story at LEA20. Wear own builds or use existing ones from the sim, create a short photo story or a 120 minute epic film, sing, shout or shoot a harpoon into the last whale! Perhaps you may decide to feel like being in any special kind of belly or to produce your work in that special Cadavre Exquis look? Special russian dictator bellies floating through your mind? NOW you are ready to go! Give us the honor and donate a work to our interactive extravaganza!All artworks entered will be shown on whale.boxfolio.com/ and also at the end of January for a party in SL. Stay in touch for more infos about the event and special rewards!PS: "Ve haf vays of making you speak viz ze German accent, ja?"
All visitors are invited to create their own whale story in photos or as machinima. 
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA20/26/18/48 

LEA18: Experiences and Manifesto of a Machinimatographer

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Marx Catteneo (Marc Cuppens in RL) used in the past months LEA18 as Artist in Residence for filming. Enjoy the latest result here, taken as part of the closing event:

Through the process of building and filming the team has been facing a lot of technical issues in Second Life, which made the planned results partly impossible. Marx Catteneo summarized them in a manifesto which he passed to Linden Lab too. We think that his observations are very interesting, if not to say important and worth to be taken note of. Read the manifesto here.

Closing Event at LEA18 - Phoe Nix Live

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Marx Catteneo will Close up round 5 for his full sim LEA grant by doing 1 final event in the sim that was built as filmset for the series Nin9. Builder Rachelle Raviprakash has made the outlines of the city and Marx added details lighting and interiors.

The event of december 28th will start off with a selection of melancholy music in style of the sim.
Phoe Nix will do a one hour live performance, she has also adapted an 1920's song to be used for episode one of the series.

Phoe Nix
The finale on the 28th will be the actual recording of the Nin9 dance event choreography by Babypea von Phoenix, it's a dance on the Nin9 crime scene and the audience will be involved, the entire dance will be done a few times and recorded and those attending as audience will be in the videoclip that will be made of that footage. You will all be asked to perform simple tasks and executte animations at certain times.

The entire month of december the sim is open for public and everyone is welcome to use it for photos or video, remember this sim is built for the Advanced Ligthing Model so it will look much better "on Ultra" or "with shadows on".

Hope to see you all tonight,

1pm SLT Melancholic music selection
2pm SLT Phoe Nix - Live performance
3pm SLT Babypea von Phoenix - choreo (videoclip recordings)

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA18/152/151/22