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LEA29 -- Live Events Friday October 30th and Saturday October 31st

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Live at LEA 29 Samm Qendra! Friday, October 30 @ 5pm

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA29/201/41/25

Having quite a history of performing of in rl, she graces sl with her amazing gift. Covering songs from Celine Dion , Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston,Aretha Franklin,Enya, Evanescence, and more. From Legendary love songs to new up to date songs. Though Samm performs all genres, she is most at home with songs that will take you back to a magical moment in your life.  According to all of the SL responds, Her Voice can be describe as Dreamy, Angelic. You have to hear to believe it! Her Humble and simple personality that will shine through ready to give you a stunning concert that will blow you away.
Live at LEA 29Clarice Karu! Saturday, October 31 @ 7pm. Followed by Trav McCullough @ 8pm
Come and enjoy the show, grab some Trick or Treat freebies,and wear your favorite Halloween costume!

Clarice Karu grew up in a musical family.  From an early age she and the rest of her siblings enjoyed family time with mom on the guitar, dad on the banjo, older sister on piano, and everyone singing the old favorites.
Clarice stopped singing for a number of years but started again and has since found her niche in jazz. She loves to sing and hopes you enjoy the feelings and emotions she brings through her music.

Trav McCullough is passionate about music. He possesses a powerful, rich voice,and loves a song that plays with your emotions and makes you feel something. Trav started singing when he was in his teens, singing gospel music in his church. These days, while he still loves gospel, he also loves to sing pop, light rock and country. He loves the music of Josh Groban, Neil Diamond, Chris Isaak and Il Divo. If you like music that touches your heart, you’re sure to enjoy Trav’s music..

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA29/201/41/25

LEA7 - The Dragon and the Knight by Kai Wirsing

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ARTIST: Kai Wirsing
LOCATION: LEA7 for Tour ride
OPENING DATE: October 26th 2015

Performance Dates:
November 19th 6AM SLT (11PM JPT)
November 22th  5PM SLT (10AM JPT)
November 26th 6AM SLT (11PM JPT)

LEA7 The Dragon And The Knight by Kai Wirsing Grand Opening on October 26th.

After The SIM opens to public, there will be a tour ride featuring a story line of my performance scheduled in November. The ride goes though the stages of the performance using full SIM wide. Visitors can stay and wondering around the SIM after the ride. You are more than welcome to take photos of the SIM and share them.

The performance scheduled for November 19th, 22nd and 26th.
The SIM will temporary closed to public when the team doing rehearsal.
We will provide the LM after the opening.

40 people can get in the SIM.
While you are taking the seat at the show, you camera will be taken over by the dance performer Kai Wirsing. It will be camera-scripted stage act and dance show performance. The show is planned to be 40 minutes long.

Please look for the SIM opening and the performance!