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LEA18 Existence in Balance- an update from JenniferMay Carlucci

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Thu, 01/26/2017 - 06:20

When entering the sim upon completion, you will be guided to the first stage, Terra  Forma.

From there people visiting can choose to go in 4 directions.  As I told you last week, 4 heart-shaped platforms surround 2 hands holding an icy globe.

Each heart shape platform will represent its own direction:

-    Reality
-    Fantasy
-    Spirituality
-    Emotion

Before we go explore these basics of human life, you are invited to take a tour in Terra Forma where Earth is created.  Parts where vision will be important, but also sounds and movement.

These last mentioned items will be added in a later stage when all parts of Existence in Balance are finished.
In this way we can be asured no sounds are overlapping and you can enjoy the surroundings to its fullest.

We have seen many of you already taking a peek. As this enterprise is a major work in progress I suggest to come by regularly to see the ‘story’ develop.

See you inworld on LEA18 and enjoy Existence in Balance!

LEA28 -- Infinite Drifters' celebrate The Inauguration, Friday, January 20th at 1pm SLT

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Tue, 01/17/2017 - 18:19

Teleport:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA28/122/135/21

LEA18 - Existence in Balance

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Mon, 01/16/2017 - 17:32

Jennifer May Carlucci says, "Existence in Balance will eventually consist of three major parts."

"The first part is Terra Forma and is almost complete. I say 'almost' because the main structure is finished, but some atmospheric touches need to be added. 4 Heart-shaped platforms surround 2 hands that will hold and release the ICY GLOBE (soon to be transformed into Planet Earth). They represent the surrounding LOVE of which all things are created. Each platform contains a heart at the bottom and one at the top. Captured in between the hearts are several vases holding Calla Lilies.

Historically, this flower symbolizes purity, holiness and faithfulness. It’s commonly depicted in images of the Virgin Mary. Calla Lilies are also symbols of rebirth and resurrection. They are connected to the resurrection of Jesus because they bloom around Easter and are shaped like trumpets which symbolize triumph.

Keeping this in mind, we are looking at the birth of our glorious Earth. It begins its triumphant journey upwards from the non-physical ether to the physical Universe. It is a picture of purity brought into existence."

At every instant and from every side, resounds the call of Love:
We are going to sky, who wants to come with us?
We have gone to heaven, we have been the friends of the angels,
And now we will go back there, for there is our country.
We are higher than heaven, more noble than the angels:
Why not go beyond them? Our goal is the Supreme Majesty.
What has the fine pearl to do with the world of dust?
Why have you come down here? Take your baggage back. What is this place?
Luck is with us, to us is the sacrifice!...
Like the birds of the sea, men come from the ocean--the ocean of the soul.
Like the birds of the sea, men come from the ocean--the ocean of the soul.
How could this bird, born from that sea, make his dwelling here?
No, we are the pearls from the bosom of the sea, it is there that we dwell:
Otherwise how could the wave succeed to the wave that comes from the soul?
The wave named 'Am I not your Lord' has come, it has broken the vessel of the body;
And when the vessel is broken, the vision comes back, and the union with Him.

Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch, 'Rumi and Sufism' trans. Simone Fattal

LEA 9 Earth Alliance 'Green' Community sim and Star Bio-domes - aquaglo

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:24

DATE: Saturday...January 14th
LOCATION:   LEA 9 Earth Alliance 'Green' Community sim and Star Bio-domes
ARTISTS: Tansee/Kurk & Spectr3 Belfire
     The need for 'green' energy and our space program at NASA inspired this participatory art sim being built. Going on the concept of reuse/reduce/recycle; we reused items in our inventories and added new items to make areas that are all green.  Please take note of all the builders whose items we enjoy on the sim.
      More, now than ever our planet needs us to live green and prepare for the future.  We have many types of green living scenes and photo-op areas on the sim with many animations.
    Special thanks go to LEA committee for their accepting the project and to Tansee and Mellydee MacFanatic for their amazing contributions, and to Kurk and Spectr3 Belfire for helping with particles for the opening event. 

We have ridable horses, electric golf-carts, bicycles, and space-jets.
There are 4 media areas to enjoy.  For media you need quicktime on your computer. 

We are all connected to all of the Universe and we need to Protect our Planet for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

LEA18 'Existence in Balance'

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Tue, 01/10/2017 - 07:43


Jennifer May Carlucci is inspired by the creation of our earth and the offering of our beautiful planet into the physical Universe. 'Existence in Balance' shows Earth being created and how we humans are part of this loving process.

With nothing more than this intriguing concept she starts to explore and build up her vision. Building a visual route up along a growing Planet Earth, Jenn will drag you into a breathtaking experience.
Experience by means of motion (dance), visualization (decor), sound (special compositions of music), feelings (use of particles) - beauty and purity.

The ground level of the sim is used to create an environment from the moment that earth is created. Earth in its early state, moving towards growth, awareness of existence, and completion for life to exist on. From the moment on when life is eminent, Earth is situated within the known Universe, our Universe. Gloriously balanced between stars, planets, galaxies as we know it.

Feeling this theme can speak to so many, she connects with many talented residents, offering them a platform to share their ideas and feelings about “Existence in Balance”, encouraging them to travel alongside with her on this extraordinary and amazing voyage.

'Existence in Balance' is offering the visitors a serene environment where they will be submerged in a breathtaking trip around the sim.

LEA7 - Big Data Goes to Bonestedt by Moewe Winkler & ChapTer Kronfeld

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Sun, 01/08/2017 - 06:29

DATE: January 14, 2017
TIME: 1PM SLT  (22:00 CET)
ARTISTS:  Moewe Winkler & ChapTer Kronfeld
 Big Data goes to Bonestedt

Moewe Winkler, ChapTer Kronfeld

Next Saturday it's finally going. ChapTer Kronfeld and Moewe Winkler open their joint production "Big Data goes to Bonestedt" on LEA7.

You are welcome!

    Opening LEA7 - Big Data goes to Bonestedt

    Saturday, January 14, 2017, 1 PM (22:00 CET)

    Moewe Winkler, ChapTer Kronfeld

    Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA7/122/125/32
ChapTer has realized the part "Big Data", while Moewe has been busy with "... goes to Bonestedt".

ChapTer Kronfeld on "Big Data ..."

Go inside and lose your data - go inside and lose your data. Lost in the jungle of his own data.
Limit values ​​become one-way one-way streets of communication.
Data theft mutates to theft of souls. Personal identity loses the essence of empathy forever.

Know forever what data you communicate.

Moewe Winkler about "... goes to Bonestedt"

Bonestedt is everywhere. A fictitious place, difficult to find, often mirrored, and a strange nothingness behind.

Where the trivial is still trivial.

Here you can only hear the strange voices of the seekers, waiting and wavering.

Quite without sisyphos, stones roll upwards - and down again. Bonestedt is beautiful, really.

Best viewer settings

Above all Moewe's part lives by the light settings in the viewer.

In order to see the projections and reflections, you should set the graphics card to "high".

But it is not a must. We have developed LEA7 so that every setting is interesting.

The best settings:

    Graphics card to "high"
    Activate Sound
    Use the Region setting "Midnight"
    Activate "Shadow"
    Activate "Advanced lighting model"