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LEA14 - Romeo & Juliet Performances

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You are invited to a very limited engagement at LEA14: Three free performances of Romeo + Juliet

Premiering -
May 31, 2014 @9:00 AM SLT.  
Attendance is first come first served and will be limited to 20 per show.

 The Basilique Performing Arts Company, Second Life’s most pioneering immersive theatre company presents a “Masterful Adaptation” of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Directed by Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks, this timeless love story is brought to Second Life by an exceptionally talented cast of 6 players full of “heart, soul and passion”.Set against “breathtaking” renaissance – inspired sets, costumes from the 1940s, and contemporary music, this “labour of love” is “stunning work of art” that you will not want to miss.This “hauntingly beautiful” production features music from Nat King Cole, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, Michael Buble, Jack Black, Carl Douglas, Moby, Duran Duran, The Indigo Girls and Queen. You’re sure to enjoy not only a visual spectacle but also a musical feast. The Performance will run for 3 performances at Linden Endowment for the Arts. Admittance while the show plays at LEA14 are free.PerformanceDateStart Time

ROMEO + JULIET 2.0 at LEA14 – 131/05/201408:30:00 AMROMEO + JULIET 2.0 at LEA14 – 208/06/201411:30:00 AMROMEO + JULIET 2.0 at LEA14 – 315/06/201411:30:00 AMRomeo + Juliet in Second Life ran for 40 weeks at the Basilique Playhouse in 2013. Lauded and acclaimed since opening in April 2013, this really is a show not to be missed. Completely remastered from the ground up, using the technology we developed for Paradise Lost in Second Life, this show will begin its official, ticketed run in August 2014 at which time tickets will be available only through the marketplace.Don’t miss this great chance to see Romeo + Juliet for free!

Maya Paris brings the world a POPWRECKTASTIC Experience!

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It's not enough that she has brought her wacky Sauce to the grid, now Maya Paris has added her companion piece Celebrity Blow Your Tits Off on LEA 25! Bring your partner and navigate your way through both. 
Be warned! If it's your first date, this could be one of the most dangerous ways to get to know somebody.

Calling all  Bobby-Dazzlers, Exquisite Punks, Outrageous Grandparents, Platinum Studmuffins and  Space Cadets...Do you have POPWRECKTASTIC Potential? Are you SPECIAL when lit?Then COME ON DOWN!Celebrity Giants ! Prizes! Instant Rehab ! 

Open all hours @ LEA25

LEA6 Flooded!

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Photos by Igor Ballyhoo
Artist statement:
Past few days my country is affected by Biblical size floods that were never recorded in our history. Tens of thousands people is evacuated from their homes and thousands of homes is under water. As you can understand, human lifes are most valuable to save but uncounted number of animals lost their lifes. This morning I have wake up with news that more then 100 tons of dead animals is gathered just from one city. And it is not over yet...

In this light, for solidarity, I have decided to flood my new ongoing work “Cyber Orthodox”  in LEA 6. I left peaks of work above, same as rooftops of houses are above in this floods.
Igor Ballyhoo

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/228/128/22

The SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) conference comes to Second Life Exclusively!

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The SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) Conference and Expo 2014 will be coming exclusively to Second Life live via broadcast, on May 19th and 20th, with a start time of 8:30 am. The LEA Theatre will be the place to be as the annual forum gets underway with keynote speaker Philip Rosedale.

The SVVR program was started in May 2013 and has continued with monthly meetings as the virtual reality community continues its metamorphosis; ever changing and growing into something much bigger than it had been originally.
VR is no longer just for kids, nor merely for personal creative expression, but also the varied industries and opportunities it has given birth to; such as: creators, developers, producers, investors, entrepreneurs, and entertainers as well as many forms of education.
The real world presentation will be streamed exclusively into Second Life locations. Please join us at the LEA Theatre for the presentation, as the audience will be captured and shown to their RL conference.
LEA Theatre seating:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA1/247/16/21

Ghost Party Today at 2 PM

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Had you ever a party with ghosts? Today you can dance and chat with avatars in Inworldz. Of course the same DJ will play in both worlds: Inworldz resident  Gerrard Winstanley will share his tunes in both worlds!
There are ghosts


they inhabit other grids.

They are the souls of avatars lost to us,

like echos

from other dimensions,

it is said,

though no one knows for sure.

What we do know is

A weakness in the structure of metaverse

has opened

and they now


About the inworldz event: http://pixilatesnaps.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/glyph-graves-art-project/
About the installation in Second Life: http://lindenarts.blogspot.de/2014/05/opening-today-ghosts-of-internet.html

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA21/108/140/142