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LEA18 Particle Showdance to be held May 6, 2017

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Mon, 05/01/2017 - 09:37

            (¯`v´¯)                                          (¯`v´¯)
            `*.¸.*´   PARTICLE SHOW DANCE     `*.¸.*´

At EXISTENCE IN BALANCE, there will be a one of a kind PARTICLE SHOWDANCE:

 (¯`v´¯)                                                                            (¯`v´¯)
 `*.¸.*´                                                                             `*.¸.*´
 ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (`'·.¸(`'·.¸  WE ARE ONE ¸.·'´) ¸.·'´)  (¨*•.¸ (¨*•.¸`•.¸ 
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•                                    •`¯¨• ¸¸ `•. `•.¸) `•.¸)

             Saturday, May 6th, 2017
             2.00 PM SLT
An inspirational story about Earth's Creation and the reason we humans are on Earth.

In this 50 minutes lasting PARTICLE SHOWDANCE our showdancers, in collaboration with Team Skyfires Particle Tom and Lexi Marshdevil and their Magic Particles, will take you on a journey showing reason, beauty and serenity of the creation of us Souls, the Earth and our Universe.

Other than 'regular' shows, this dance and choreography will last a full 50 minutes.
There will be no breaks or changes in between.

It tells the cumulative story of the Art Installation at LEA18 which will be open to visit until June 30th, 2017.

The music is especially selected by JenniferMay Carlucci and edited by Falkon Wickentower to a full 50 minutes sequence.

The 50 minutes lasting choreography is created for 10 dancers by JenniferMay Carlucci.

            (¯`v´¯)                                          (¯`v´¯)
            `*.¸.*´     We hope to see you all!!  `*.¸.*´

Team Existence in Balance:
JenniferMay Carlucci
Falkon Wickentower
Kayleigh Quan
Jesseca Tiger

Showdance Team:
Alazi Sautereau
Angelique Menoptra
Aspen Wrigglesworth
Bia Nikitin
Falkon Wickentower
JenniferMay Carlucci
Medora Chevalier
Zimp Rexie

Special guests and dancers:
Particle Tom
Lexi Marshdevil


Artist in Residence (AIR) applications open today!

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Mon, 05/01/2017 - 07:00

The application for Round 13 Artist in Residence (AIR) sims is now open!
We can't wait to see YOUR application!

LEA8 - Orion Tales 10 Years - Lion Igaly

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Fri, 04/28/2017 - 18:31
Orion Tales 10 years
The Orion Tales group and it's organizer Lion Igaly, with the support of Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), are pleased to announce the opening of the LEA8 expo area entitled "Orion Tales 10 Years" on Monday, May 1, 2017.

Ten years ago, the first Pyramid art gallery was born and at the same time the Orion Tales group, comprised of artists who produced their works in Second Life, was also created. The current exhibition, located in 3 buildings, a park and some skyboxes, aims to explore different stages of art evolution in Second Life by presenting works developed over the  years since 2007.

There are works of 3D sculpture, photography, machinima (video) and prim painting (simulations of paintings made with the use of flattened prims). All works are produced in Second Life.

The sculpture works include numerous works in prim, sculpt and mesh, the three techniques used by 3D artists.

Here is the list of artists:
Aloisio Congrejo
Daco Monday
Giovanna Cerise
Katy60it Cyberstar
Kicca Igaly
La Baroque
Lion Igaly
Lookatmy Back
MADD (maddomxc.umino)
Maryva Mayo
Melusina Parkin
Mirko Matova
Mistero Hifeng
nessuno Myoo
Nino Vichan
Paola Mills
Solkide Auer
Tani Thor
Wizardoz Chrome

There are also works of artists that are no longer active in SL from the private collection of Lion Igaly.
eclettica Basevi  (from private collection)
Gleman Jun        (from private collection)
Jeb Soderstrom    (from private collection)
PJTHA Korobase    (from private collection)
Shellina Winkler  (from private collection)
Zhora Maynard     (from private collection)

The exhibition will continue until the end of June. Various celebration events with musical performances and dance are being also planned.
We look forward to see you.

Round 13 of Artists in Residence apps will open soon!!

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 17:43

As the opening up of applications for Round 13 Artist In Residence sims is drawing near... we thought giving you a few days notice to think about what the inspiration for your application might be- the overview of how Round 13 has been scheduled- and questions you will encounter on the application would be helpful!

AIR Sims Round 13 Timeline:

May1st - Round 13 applications open
May 31st - Round 13 applications close
June 1st - Voting opens to full committee
June 12th - Voting ends
June 12th -15th Ties settled (if any)
June 15th - Winners emails sent
June 15th - 30th - Winners acceptance emails received/non-winners notices sent/sims assigned/liaisons assigned
June 30th - Notice to Round 12 artists to clear sims
July 1st - Hand over sims to Round 13 winners - liaisons meet with their artists
December 31st - End of Round 13

Questions to prepare for that are asked on the application:

-Second Life Name
-email address
-I am applying for this grant as (individual or group)
-Project Name
-Project Maturity Rating
-Project Summary (short description)
-Project Description (longer with more detail)
-Do you have experience with Estate management
-Your SL Resume/CV
-Current Exhibits/Documentation

We are sure it's going to be another exciting Round of Sims and hope to see YOUR application!

LEA 14 - Fragments of a Forest Opening

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Mon, 04/24/2017 - 17:26

Sim opening and story reading:
April 26th, 8 am SLT
April 26th, 7 pm SLT

You are invited to spend a magical time with us!

LEA 14 - Fragments of a Forest

Imagine spending your entire life living in a cave. Everything you've learned, everything you understand has been limited by stone walls, mathematical algorithms, and endless shadows.

It's not a bad life, mind you. You have all you wish for to survive — fish and giant beetles to eat, medicinal glowing fungi, beautiful glittering crystals, and the shelter of the trees. The trees themselves were magical, dynamic organisms — always growing, always changing. It's a good life, as long as you avoided the brain jellies.

Then imagine leaving this cave. You would be blinded by the dazzling light, for just a little while. Then, you would be able to see the rest of the world. You would witness humankind outside of the cave, and be able to sample many of the world's amazing things. However, you left the ones you loved behind.

Would you go back? Would you take them with you, and show them everything that you have learned and experienced? More importantly, what would you do, if they decided to stay? ...what would they do to you?

Welcome to Fragments of a Forest!  Plato's Allegory of the Cave ( Plato's The Cave ) likened  the journey of man's intellect to being chained within a dark cavern. Once a person is freed from their chains, they must undergo many stages of learning and unlearning before enlightenment. Then, once enlightened, Plato asked, "What would happen when we return to the cave?"

Ours is a story about going back.

Visit a world that has never existed before, and never will again. As you wander or sit and observe this world, it will change around you, driven by its own simple internal rules, producing very complex results. Find the glowing footprints throughout the sim, and touch them to learn of the cave's story.

Explore the constantly changing forest, where each tree builds itself as a very simple fractal-like structure, with some randomness thrown in, and later seeds new trees around itself.

Rest your body, let your mind wander, and observe the flying creatures above the lake, as they follow the rules of a simple algorithm to produce an intelligent-like behavior.

This work will be open at the LEA 14 sim until the end of June 2017.
Thank you for visiting!
  --Thickbrick Sleaford & Blue Mikado

LEA16-Gem Preiz opens the Anthropic Principle on April 20, 2017

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Thu, 04/20/2017 - 07:19

Gem Preiz opens his "The Anthropic Principle"on LEA16 on April 20, 2017, and tells us the following about it:
"The Anthropic Principle" is composed on one hand of a short novel, on a second hand of 4 Sim-sized builds, and at last of 36 high resolution fractals, all components illustrating each others. It is to my eyes one single and consistent work which elements cannot be split, though some visitors could prefer to focus on the visual experience. However, please notice that the novel is not only the background of the installation but also its visit guide, which reading can avoid to miss something. It gives also some hints about the different sources that inspired me.

Please comply with the setting recommendations for a complete and better visit.

The music is available only on streaming on the Sim. It is a compilation of 4 extracts of "Inception" and "Interstellar" movies OST, both composed by Hans Zimmer.

The installation will remain open until end of June 2017. Meanwhile, "No Frontiers" remains open and can be reached thanks to the access board located at the end of the visit or thanks to its specific landmark (see picks in my profile) but its music will have to be listened from youtube, according to the indications given in the welcome hall of the exhibition.

Enjoy the reading, and the visit.

Gem Preiz

"Le Principe Anthropique" est un ensemble constitué d'une part d'un récit, d'autre part de 4 constructions de la taille d'une Sim, et enfin de 36 tableaux fractals, les différentes composantes s'illustrant mutuellement. C'est à mes yeux un tout indissociable. Certains visiteurs préfèreront s'en tenir à l'expérience visuelle. Néanmois le récit sert non seulement d'arrière plan à l'installation mais il en est aussi un guide de visite, dont la lecture permet de ne rien manquer. Il comporte en outre des notes indiquant les différentes sources que j'ai utilisées.

Le respect des paramètres est vivement recommandé.

La musique qui accompagne la visite n'est disponible qu'en streaming sur la Sim. Il s'agit de 4 extraits des bandes originales des films Inception et Interstellar, composées par Hans Zimmer.

L'installation sera ouverte jusqu'au 30 juin 2017. "No Frontiers" restera accessible à partir du panneau d'accès situé en fin de visite ou gràce à son landmark spécifique (voir les picks de mon profil)  mais sa musique d'accompagnement devra être écoutée sur youtube, selon les indications données dans le hall d'accueil de l'exposition.

Bonne lecture, et bonne visite.

Gem Preiz

5 Layers of Energy on LEA9

LEA Blogspot 'Blog - Mon, 04/17/2017 - 16:43
Energy = Transformation
The basic layer shows some possibilities of transformation, which  the mankind has used
during the history to  produce physical energy.
The utility poles refer to  the electrical energy, wich is won by transforming  water, wind, sun
or terrestrial heat.
The base-texture shows  the center of a nuclear fusion-reactor, which might be used to transform energy for a future generation.
The spaces on this layer  are used to display the artwork of some colleagues  focusing on the topic energy.
The teleport-pad can be usedto reach the other layers.

Energy = Movement
Second Life has a lot of options for movement, be it in dance-animations or by using scripts to let textures move.
Vehicles and even bot-avatars can be  setup to move repeatedly on a certain trace or to roam free and according to the control of a person behind the screen.
The layer MOVEMENT shows some of  those possibilities and how they can be used to produce especially animated art pieces.

Energy = Interaction
The layer INTERACTION provides opportunities for the visitor to trigger visual events by collision or by touch. In the corners he can create his own fracticle-show (fracticle=fractals as particles) by touching the round buttons.
In long black tubes collisions trigger not only visual  but also sonic events.

Energy = Love
The LOVE-layer shows several  artistic options how to express  the term LOVE in a virtual world:
- mesh- and sculpty-statues by Asmita Duranjaya,
- roses and rose-petals with hover-text,
- a tree-sculpture with heart-leaves,
- animated lips,
- artwork concerning the topic love by bachi Cheng, Aloisio Congrejo, Frantz Catteneo, Kolor Fall and Ohe54, an anonymous Indian artist etc.

Energy = Transcendence
The layer TRANSCENDENCE leads the  visitor into another dimension beyond reality and virtuality. The mind can become unified with the eternity ...

Take a seat in one of the capsules and let you elevate to the transcendence-sphere;
sit on one of the yellow moving objects and take a bath in color, shape and sound ...

My sim-wide installation ENERGY  is a piece of conceptual techno-organic art.
I try to visualize the term in five layers, from the simple physical aspect to the philosophical aspect of looking beyond the physical boundaries.
The conceptual strategy allows me to enhance my own installation with art-pieces of  colleagues in Second Life. Some pieces are from my art collection and some are contributed by invited artist-friends in concern of the topic.
The contributing artists are:
Jaime Poutine
Merit Coba
Kolor Fall
Scottius Polke
Finny Yates
lalie Sorbet
Aloisio Congrejo
bachi Cheng
Frantz Catteneo
Louly Loon
Sylver Piccard
Elle Thorkveld

Thanks to Mason Woller for some bulding help.

Thanks to the LEA committee, especially Dove Rhode, PatriciaAnne Daviau, LaPiscean Liberty and Secret Rage.

Asmita Duranjaya