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LEA16 - The Blasted Heath, West of Arkham - by MiaSnow Myriam

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***********************************************************************Parcel Description:The Colour Out of Space is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s story depicting The Blasted Heath, a region of grey desolation sprawling open to the sky. It is where an event known as the strange days occurred after a meteorite landed at the Gardner's well.
What To Do @ The Blasted Heath:
At the Landing Point:
◕ Turn your sound up and prepare to get creeped out.◕ Make sure to use region settings for estate time lighting.◕ On the billboard, click the links for more H.P. Lovecraft. Look at photos and read info about him. Listen to the story or read it while you look around.◕ Grab a free apple, but prepare for "sore disappointment, for of all that gorgeous array of specious lusciousness not one single jot [is] fit to eat. Into the fine flavour of the ...apples [has] crept a stealthy bitterness and sickishness, so that even the smallest bites [induce] a lasting disgust."◕ Check out the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) Kiosk and find more fine exhibitions!__________________________
At the Well:
◕  Trick a friend into getting trapped in the dark hole where the meteorite fell near the well. If they panic, just tell them to wait it out and the spell of the deep will release them.◕  Past the well, follow the narrow path into the reservoir water and stargaze on the rock with a friend. __________________________
In Gardner's Place:
◕  Pick up some dollarbies! Framed photos of H.P. Lovecraft, books, & a copy of The Arkham Post.◕  Sit next to Nabby Gardner on the sofa, if you dare!◕  Click the radio for a link to listen to the story on YouTube.◕  Click the TV for a link to an H.P. Lovecraft documentary. 


LEA29 --- Watercolors in the Rain

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Take a journey into the mind of Author David Lavigne, as he brings his real life novel to life at LEA 29, opening on October 1, 2015.

Working with the Watercolors in the Rain team, Mr. Lavigne's literary vision has now been brought to Second Life with some of the novel chapters recreated  on this highly interactive sim.

Visit LEA 29 today to experience the story, to join in on a unique hunt quest, or come to the many live events planned for the entire LEA season. We have a variety of specially themed hunt gifts that are exclusive to the Watercolors in the Rain Sim, made from some of best creators in Second Life!

Some of our amazing creators and contributors include EVO Fairies, ~The Forest~, Celtic Myst, Talevin's Designs and even members of our own Watercolors in the Rain team! So come visit, and step inside the Watercolors in the Rain novel, starting October 1 @ 3pm.

LEA10 - Metamorfaces - by Art Oluja

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Metamorfaces, An installation by Art Oluja
DATE:  Thursday September 24th, 7AM SLT

~~ From Art~~

It is a pleasure to invite you to the opening of ::Metamorfaces:: at LEA10, on Thursday the 24th of September at 7AM SLT.
I present ::Metamorfaces:: as a journey of transformation, a self-reflective story of faces, prims, texts and sounds, intertwined to express a metaphor of transformation.
"It is better to live in a state of impermanence than in one of finality."
—Gaston Bachelard
The installation is inspired by various artists and texts that are referenced throughout the work, and incorporates original ("rl") art, poetic texts, and sounds by me Art Oluja. I also present prim-portraits, Glitch inspired work, and a handmade technique I call CYlents, based on lenticular motion printing.
Please click the poster at the landing point for more information and background story. Turning up "sounds" and enabling region windlight is recommended.
There will be several upcoming events at ::Metamorfaces:: including fun workshops and giveaways planned, looking forward to meeting you there, "face to face"!

LEA2 - Midsummer Mischief - by Aelva

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DATES: September 19th  @ 12:00 (noon) SLT
              September 20th  @ 12:00 (noon) SLT


See the fae of our lore up in the north come to life at twighlight on a midsummers eve.
As the sun sets over the little village, magic stirs and the spirits come out of hiding to lure those humans still awake under the midnight sun.

LEA26- Sound Mind

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LEA26-Sound Mind, will open on Sunday, Sept. 6 at 11:00 AM SLT..  Join us to enjoy the performance by bill473 Resident and enjoy wandering the sim, which is a demonstration of how sounds can be used in virtual worlds.

There will also possibly be a special guest artist performing after Bill at Noon SLT.

LEA26 is a sim filled with examples of how sound can be used to enhance your builds and environments.

There are numerous areas with different examples of how sound can be used in SL.  Each area has a sign with a notecard describing how environmental sounds or other sounds have been employed.

In the freebies building on your right you'll find "How-To" packs, each containing a different sound script with instructions on how it's used.  All are free.  There are also other freebies there, so be sure to stop in and pick up the script packs and other freebies!

Study the techniques shown, use the freebie scripts and make your own soundscape!

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA26/98/15/22

Now on LEA15: Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus

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Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

" The Gray child is here, my emptiness, my nothing, my death. She is the one who says nothing at all. She is everything and nothing all at once. She looks just like me though she is hollow inside. The Gray Child surrounds me. She has no name, her shape and form are mine. With her I forget everything as we watch the world fall away. "
At first glance Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) is not the typically dark creation we might expect from Storm Septimus. The landscape looks other-worldly, but beautiful, and the colours are attractive.
At first glance.
A closer inspection reveals content in many ways much darker than anything I've seen from her before.
Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)
When asked about the build Storm replied: If I were to use one word to sum it all up, well that's easy, its simply about depression. I have been fighting with depression for almost as long as I can remember. Though I think it would take an idiot not to see that with the style of builds I install within SL. I find it very easy to indulge that side of me, and the results are usually bleak yet rather beautiful.
Originally the sim was to be just called The Gray Child as that was the title of my self indulgent mini ramble on a particularly woeful day. However when piecing it together I had some really bad days where I was almost screaming at people "I simply cannot do this". I had my hand held and I was told to put my big girl pants on and to take a step back and maybe try to broaden my view and consider a different direction to what I had at that point built. (the sim has changed about 5 times before it finally found itself). I'll be honest I was not happy with said person so the failure to thrive came into as a bit of a fuck you because I said I would fail because I had no idea what I supposed to do anymore, so I saw the whole thing as a big waste of time as I couldn't see it progressing to anything. In later thoughts I realised that's what depression is ... it is a failure to thrive .. emotionally.
Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)
Discussing the design she explained: It's cluttered and abstract just like the thoughts in my head when the gray child is winning. Alot of it looks perfectly acceptable from a distance... then when you get closer less desirable things come into focus. Agin a classic thing with people who suffer depression , on the outside we can quite easily appear like we are doing okay , get closer you see the cracks. So I tried to get this across in the design with things like the dolls' tea party, looks legit from a distance till you notice they are eating their own. The birds swooping down in the rotunda a sign of hope until you move closer and discover someone pierced them with scissors...
I find it to be a peaceful and beautiful thing to look at. I know the message gets across as people tell me I have made another masterpiece in depressing lol. So I guess I am winning? even if I don't see it that way myself. I adore walking through the thousands of shimmering stars and losing myself, and you know what? I don't feel so sad anymore, instead I smile.
Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

One of the many intriguing aspects of this build is Storm's notecard concerning the Windlight. Using the region's default is important, but she gives you two options - low and high rez. She prefers the low and, if you check out the reflections in the final image, you'll see it does make the landscape even more dramatic.
I'm not a supporter of the theory that artists (whether painters, writers, sculptors, musicians, etc.,) have to suffer for their art. It is often true, however, that out of suffering can come art which touches us and allows us a glimpse inside the artist's psyche.
Being a determined (albeit often cranky) optimist - I consoled myself at Failure to Thrive with the image of Storm wandering through the stars and smiling. Hold on to thought as you look closely at this grim beauty created from anger and depression.
Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

LEA27 -- Recursion

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LEA 27 - July-December 2015
One of the most powerful creative techniques for any artist in any medium is recursion. In technical terms,. recursion differs from repetition in that what recurs is similar to the original iteration, but may be altered in some systematic way. Thus, for example, a mirror image is not a repetition of an image, but a repetition with a reversal. 
Perhaps the most common and obvious application of recursion is in music, where musical forms throughout history have relied on a theme and variations. Everything from 12-bar blues to a Bach fugue involves the statement of a phrase or theme, followed by the restatement at another pitch, or some other variable in a coherent pattern that allows the listener to anticipate the resolution or to grasp the internal form. Even Beethoven symphonies use "sonata form" which is, in essence, an A-A-B-A form. 
In visual art recursion is less of a fundamental or universal technique, but is nonetheless a powerful means of filling space with patterns that appeal to visual logic. Geometric design is often recursive, as in the Buddhist mandala images, or Islamic architectural elements. Architecture, especially, invitees opportunities for repetition and recursion as we see horizontally in colonnades and vertically in the erection of tall buildings of many storeys. 
Creating large or complex objects in SL is made easy by the ability to duplicate, rotate, and/or resize objects. And such recursion is easily automated using rezzer scripts and building algorithmically..
Among the various recursive objects in the LEA27 sim are several that were generated from a script I developed to rez objects in a Fibonacci sequence. Mathematically, a Fibonacci number is generated from the sum of the previous pair of numbers (a recursive equation), starting with 1 or 0, thus: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, .... As it happens this sequence is seen often in nature (and approximates the "golden ratio") and so tends to have a pleasing "naturalistic" form. In practical terms, a Fibonacci angle can be stated as a value of approximately 137.5077641 degrees. Using this as a constant allows the simplistic application of recursion to create spiral forms. And by deviating from the constant, and adding a variable second axis, we can generate very complex recursive forms. 
I have created a device in LEA27 that does exactly that. The user has several variables to choose from, including angle, object type and size, number of iterations, and spacing. I have added ambient lighting controls as they seem less laggy and more intense than actually coloring the objects. 

FreeWee LingAugust 2015
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA27/5/4/21