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The Paradise of CyberPolis Opens March 15th

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The Paradise of CyberPolis a grey-scaled story and game-based art installation by Asmita Duranjaya and Sable / snakeappletree
Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA12/3/4/1
Official opening: 15th of March 2015 at 1pm SLT. Performance by DJ Ginniji.
Crash-landing on an urban planetary system ...
A researcher is slowly awaking from unconsciousness, starting to explore the environment of an ancient, abandoned cyber-city and to solve its mysteries. Seven letters need be found to experience the last surprising solution.

Become a part of the adventure created by Asmita Duranjaya and Sable / snakeappletree at LEA12.

This is written on the introductive poster inviting visitors to the recent art installation at LEA12. German artist Asmita Duranjaya and Welsh artist Sable (snakeappletree) have created a mysterious, inspiring world consisting of fractal structures (Asmita) applied on sculpties and hand-drawn textures on prims and mesh (Sable) as well using terraforming as a medium of artistic expression. 

The background for this art installation becomes apparent by reading a book-hud (in German and in English) which is provided at the landing spot and can be worn in a corner of the monitor-screen. The story has features of an adventurous but also challenging science fiction game, because the reader has to find letters to open gates with the help of a holographic keyboard and to combine the letters to a final solution word. Step by step the player can explore the intention behind the cyber-scenery and become part of a futuristic environment as an initial point for a philosophical question: What is behind the promises of a paradise? 

In Asmita's and Sable's case the answer can be found in the surprising solution of the letter-puzzle and might be disappointing for some or compelling for others.

The installation is a work in progress, meaning it will change its details until the end of the AiR period.  It has enough artistic potential to be explored and enjoyed also without following the game-based story. 

The official opening will take place on 15th of March 2015 at 1pm SLT. DJ Ginniji will entertain the visitors with his pan-Asian-ambient-mix supporting the cyber atmosphere of this LEA sim in an ideal way. Cordial invitation!

LEA 26 - "MadTone" Presents DRUM-Live Feb. 21 at noon SLT

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"DRUM's goal is to bring the world to you via the power of drumming. Our aim is to have fun and to create incredible, beautiful rhythms - live.

Right now our performances consists of 11 different drum cultures, Taiko (Japanese), Native American, African, Latin, Indian, Mallets, Stomp Wall, Rusty Barrels, African Ghost, Steel Pan drums and our newest set, Brazilian.

Members of the DRUM group have collaborated to create the unique sounds, drums, and animations that enable us to perform. Our performances are live and are subtly different each time."

Join us in welcoming this fantastic SL performance troupe!
After the show, you may want to explore our sim, which features collaborative builds by Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone.

Safe Landing Point:

Dangerous Landing Point:

LEA26 Official Opening February 15th at Noon SLT

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Join us at the official opening of the LEA 26 sim at noon on Feb. 15!

LEA 26 features the collaborations of Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone.  See, hear and interact with many different sound effects and music-related builds, along with some work done by a few other folks.  Explore!  Play with the toys!  Find free goodies!

At noon on Feb. 15, we'll be hosting the wonderful singer, bill473 Resident, join us for the fun!


What are the LEA Core Sims & How do You Get One?

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The LEA Welcome Area (general)
The scope of LEA can be very confusing, so every now and then I'll try to post something which might help explain the full range of what goes on here.
Many people are familiar with the fact that 20 Artist in Residence Grants are awarded every 6 months - this means that 20 artists have the use of a full sim each for that period of time.
However, there are a total of 29 LEA regions which leaves 9 more (LEA1 through LEA9) available for a variety of purposes. We refer to them as the Core Sims (long story). 
The Welcome Area and LEA Photohunt have their home on LEA3. You can find links to all the open exhibitions, works-in-progress, and a calendar of events (that we know about, it's also available if you click on the Calendar button near the top of  this page). There's an art garden around you and the Photohunt on the hill in the corner. It's tough to take a good photo of this region because there's so much going on. Think of it as your Gateway to all that is happening on the 29 islands.
The LEA Welcome Area (general)
LEA5 hosts the Sandbox - and even if you aren't interested in building there you might want to see what others are doing. Machinimatographers and Photographers need to check out LEA7 where there are more than 50 sets available to be used for background and atmosphere.

If you've been counting you'll realize there are 6 more regions I haven't mentioned. These valuable pieces of real estate are available for grants of approximately 3 months in duration. I say "approximately" because they're really very flexible.

You might want a full sim for an immersive experience, or a corner of an island for a 2 week purpose. It's possible you want to run a one time or series of art-related events (which could be, for example, music or drama or comedy or lectures) at the theatre.

We accept and review applications for Core Sim Grants whenever they are received and then do a lot of really interesting acrobatics trying to schedule everything to everybody's satisfaction.

There are often gaps in this schedule though, which results in some serious angst for regions that aren't fully utilized. We provide counselling but would rather give each to an artist who appreciates them.

If you have an idea then fill out the very simple form and submit it. The Core Sims will thank you!

The Sad & Lonely Core Sim (general)

Beauty Shots & Giant Snails on LEA4

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The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)
Beauty shots require the skills and expertise of an experienced fashion photographer and I don't have to worry about them as long as I focus on art or landscapes. Until now.
Obviously I'm no fashionista but, faced with the need/desire to share one of those unique species we have inworld, I'll try my best.
The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)
I remember it as if it were more than 7 years ago. Wandering innocently around an SL Birthday celebration, I turned a corner and fell headlong into a mad crush on one of the strangest/most beautiful beings I'd ever seen.
It was a giant snail called RacerX Gullwing. Racer will be 11 years old in June of this year and, for some reason, one of his first thoughts when he hit the grid was that Second Life really needed Giant Snail Races.
The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)
Giant Snail Races necessarily require the existence of Giant Snails. I still have a couple of examples Racer handed out all those years ago sitting happily in a corner of my inventory.
Over the years the snails have become far more eccentric, detailed, gorgeous, and outlandish. This is enthusiastically encouraged by the designation of themes for various races.
The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)
You can view a retrospective of some of these amazing creatures now on LEA4 - the humour, creativity, and crush-inducing sexiness has only increased over the years.  You can also learn more about Giant Snail Racing, which remains a favourite pastime for many.
I learned that I should leave the beauty shots to the experts. :)
The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)